Why Give LiveReadySound Kemper Amp Profiles a Shot?

Hi All, With so many profile creators out there it can be daunting to pick which one will work for you. Sound samples are great but they are made with a different guitar and fingers than yours. Sample profiles are a good start but the seller isn’t going to give his best efforts for free to disappoint you when you … Read More

Understanding Digital Amp Tones with a Method of Awareness

We spend thousands of dollars on digital guitar amps with the intent of getting that sound we hear in our head. Unfortunately that sound in our head is unique in that all of our perceptions and experiences are our own, so what we seek is our own ideal, not something that can simply be modeled. As a starting point we … Read More

The Best Impulse Response for Modern Metal Guitar!

Yep, guitar tone is an art. Metal guitar is an art of it’s own. We have meticulously created impulse responses specifically for modern metal in the Ultimate Artist Metal IR pack. We have use many speakers and cabinet to get some amazing results. The idea it to leave the decision of tone to your ears so these are not labeled … Read More

We are bringing Minimum Phase to the IRs!

While raw IRs are the true instance of capture minimum phase processing adds a level of coherence and compatibility to the IRs that brings more options to the table!

The Best Impulse Responses

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