Why Give LiveReadySound Kemper Amp Profiles a Shot?

Hi All,

With so many profile creators out there it can be daunting to pick which one will work for you. Sound samples are great but they are made with a different guitar and fingers than yours. Sample profiles are a good start but the seller isn’t going to give his best efforts for free to disappoint you when you actually buy.

Free to download profiles (Rig Exchange) can be good though many of the commercial profile authors have refined the art through many years and thousands of hours. Micing an amp isn’t anything new, though creating a profile of the amp that has a great feel and sound is something new to the Kemper.

You can buy on celebrity status, this is a great marketing tool that has been used successfully for about every product category known. Branding, is what it is. People or brands license the use of their moniker for a financial gain. Many times this doesn’t have a reflection of the quality of the goods (or even mean they have/do used it.) This is more a reflection of good marketing strategy than the perfect product.

Here are a few things that sets LiveReadySound apart.

1. If you don’t find what you like in a profile pack, let us know. We will work to hit your mark in a future update. This is one I am proud of as I find the challenge adds to our catalog nicely, for all users.

2. As long as we have the amp, we do free updates with new mics, speakers and developing techniques. We are never satisfied with the results. There are always new experiments to see what we can do to make the best better.

3. We have a lot of different tube brand/types and utilize tube rolling in the profiling process. The difference the perfect tubes can have is amazing.

4. Currently we have 30 different speakers (new, old, beat up etc,) 7 cabinet and 11 microphones. We love to have new recommendations to add to the collection.

These are just a few things that sets us apart. This list is sure to grow.

We may do things different, we hope that different makes it better, for you.

All the Best,