New – IK Multimedia Tonex: 50th Triple Modern V6

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Top of the heap captures for Tonex, these are amazing!



Tonex Capture Pack: LRS 50th Triple Modern

Seeking to recreate the sound of a Mesa Triple Rectifier 50th Anniversary in Modern Mode through a Mesa 2×12 cabinet with an SM57. These have a Fortin Blade pushing the front end to shape the sound, we all know Rectos are flubby on their own.

LRS 50th Triple Gain V2
LRS 50th Triple Feel
LRS 50th Triple Attack V2
LRS 50th Triple Drop Tuned
LRS 50th Triple Ideal V2

V2 added 2 captures with no boost:

LRS 50th Triple Modern 1
LRS 50th Triple Modern V2

V3 added 1 studio capture:

LRS 50th Triple Mids

and 2 no cabinet captures:

LRS 50th Triple NO CAB No Boost
LRS 50th Triple No Cab V2

V4 added 1 studio capture:

LRS 50th Triple Vintage – Boosted Vintage Mode

V5 added 1 studio capture

LRS 50th Triple 77

V6 added 2 studio captures

LRS 50th Triple Drop Level
LRS 50th Triple Golden

These were made using multiple guitars in standard and drop tunings.

Once payment is processed and auto generated email will come with a link to the file. Unzip, open Tonex and go to the preset section, right click on any preset and choose import. This will import the preset and add the capture to your library.

This pack will only be available until the Tonex 3rd party store is open so grab it now!

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