New – Neural DSP Quad Cortex: Capture Pack 7: 64 Ace 50

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Top of the heap captures for your Quad Cortex, these are amazing!


Quad Cortex: Capture Pack 7: 64 Ace 50 Sent through Cortex Cloud

Seeking to recreate the sound of a 1964 Vox AC50, fully serviced. The amp captures are taken after the power amp but before the speaker so they can be used with a power amp and cabinet. There is a specialized cabinet capture included for recording and FRFR speakers. You can bypass this and use your IRs if desired.

Prior to purchase you will need to follow LiveReadySound on the Quad Cortex app, let us know your username so we can follow you back and send the preset.

Please send your Cortex Cloud username to

As this is a manual process, I do appreciate your patience, I will send them as soon as possible. Please note: due to times zones and such this may take a few hours.

Note: All captures are in one preset. We will send this one preset which upon downloading the Quad Cortex will download the captures also.

11 Captures Included. One boosted with a 1981, one with a VOP9 and one with a King of Tone. Two unboosted captures of the normal channel, three of the bright channel and one with both channels jumped.

Two of the captures are cabinet captures matched to the amp.

Note also, the “shared with me” folder has been moved to the Cortex Cloud app, if the file does not show in the downloads go there to que for download.

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Captures are sold as a single nontransferable license for use by the original purchaser and are not to be copied, captured or otherwise distributed without consent from Live Ready Sound.

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