NEW – The Fallen – V6


Top of the heap profiles for your Kemper, these are amazing!

Serious great amp here!



Kemper profiles seeking to recreate the sound of a Randall Ola Englund signature head designed by 4tin.

Please do not share the profiles with others.

45 Profiles in V1
V2 added 10 profiles dual mic’d dual speaker with a Greenback H75 and V30 using MD421II/SM57.
V3 added 16 profiles using a Greenback M25 and V30 speakers.
V4 added 11 profiles using a V30 with a PR20, some with KT88 power tubes.
V5 added 15 direct amp and 44 studio profiles using Greenbacks, V30 and F70 speakers.
V6 added 4 profiles using a Mesa Traditional 4×12 with V30 mic’d with a 545 and 609.

If you purchase this pack and don’t find a tone you love, send me a DI of your guitar and I will make a profile for you. I will need permission to use the resulting reamp for marketing.

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Profiles are sold as a single non transferable license for use by the original purchaser.

Any trademarks are the property of their owners and we have no association with them. They are only stated to describe the equipment.