Slow 100 V8 Liquid Profiles!


Top of the heap profiles for your Kemper, these are amazing!

Serious great amp here!



NOTE: You must have profiler OS 7 or later installed to load these.

Seeking to recreate the sound of a Soldano Super Lead Overdrive 100 Mkii head through many cabinets, speakers and microphones.

Profiling is an art and it is our goal to bring essence of each amp to you.

V1 includes 191 Studio profiles using Marshall, Mesa and Diamond 4×12 cabinets with various V30s, GbH75, GbM25, F70, Creamback 65 and Private Jack speakers. Mics used are SM57, Unidyne 545, C414B, MD421, V7X, R121 and KM184.

V2 added 25 studio profiles using a Mesa Traditional 4×12 with V60 and M75 speakers mic’d with 545SD, MD421 and AKG414 mics. Also added 1 effect preset as used in the Eddie inspired video below.

V3 added 5 studio profiles using a Mesa Traditional 4×12 with M75 mic’d with a 545SD and 5 Direct Amp profiles (no cabinet.)

V4 added 31 studio profiles using a Mesa 2×12 with V30 mic’d with SM57, 545SD, Akg414, MD421, PR20 and R121.

V5 added 35 studio profiles using a Marshall 4×12 with Vintage and Mesa V30 speakers 545SD, 7b, PR30 and R121 mics.

V6 added 22 studio profiles using Mesa 2×12 and 4×12 with V30 and BS90 speakers.

V7 added 10 direct amp profiles!

V8 added 5 direct amp profiles made for liquid profiling. Must have OS 10 installed.

80’s type Rock ballad test:

Rock Lead test:

2000’s Hard Rock test:

And for some really heavy tones:

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