New – Serenity Gain V11

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Top of the heap profiles for your Kemper, these are amazing!

Serious great amp here!



Kemper profiles seeking to recreate the sound of a Mezzabarba Trinity head through many cabinets, mics, speakers and boost pedals.

Presell V1 has 2 profiles, channel 2 (Crunch/MZero) through a Mesa Traditional 4×12 mic’d with a SM7b.
V2 has 105 studio profiles with MANY different speakers and microphones.
V3 has 39 studio profiles.
V4 has 29 Direct Amp profiles!
V4-2 added 6 Direct Amp profiles.
V5-1 added 5 sets of studio/merged/DA, channel 3.
V6 added 12 high gain profiles using a Mesa 2×12 with V30 mic’d with SM7b, SM57 and PR20. 11 boosted with a Savage Drive, 1 boosted with a Blade.
V7 added 7 new profiles using a SD-1 and Blade. Also added 3 edits.
V8 added 12 new profiles using a Mesa 2×12 with V30 and 1 edit.
V9 added 2 merged/DA sets and 9 studio profiles using a SM57 and R121.
V10 added 3 merged/DA sets and 7 studio profiles.
V11 added 40 profiles using a V30, Alnico Cream, Black Shadow and 1971 Greenback. Some boosted with a Savage Drive, Blade and Ikon.

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