New – The ReVerend G 120 Experiment V14!


Top of the heap profiles for your Kemper, these are amazing!

Serious great amp here!



Seeking to recreate the sound of a ReVv The Generator MKii 120 watt using the actual head through V30, H30 and Redback speakers with much more to come.

242 profiles so far.

30 profiles added of channel 3 using a Mesa Traditional cab mic’d with 545, 421 and 414.
31 profiles 8 direct amp and 23 studio of channel 3 and 4.
45 profiles studio/merged/DA, all channels.
15 profiles using a Alnico Gold with a SM57 and PR20. All channels!
10 profiles using a V30 with SM57 and Creamback H75 with Royer R121.
9 profiles using a Alnico Blue in an open back 1×12 and 1 dual amp profile!
13 Profiles using a Marshall 1960AV with SM57, MD421 and E609 mics
7 Profiles using a Mesa OS cabinet with 70 watt v30’s and Mesa C90 (Black Shadows)
11 Profiles using a Redback and H30 with PR20, PR30 and SM57 mics.
27 profiles in V3 update!
32 profiles in V2 update. Including 10 direct amp profiles.
41 profiles on prerelease.

10! Effect presets added courtesy of Have Guitar on YouTube. Check his channel by clicking here!
35!!! Effects presets added! Courtesy of Eltzejupp/Frank from the Kemper forum!

This is an experimental pack and will see A LOT of updates with many speakers, mics, cabinets etc…

This is THE modern amp. Think refined Mark combined with the Rectifier and more. 4 channels, three aggression levels on channels 3 and 4, bright/contour/fat switches, 10/120 watt setting and more.

There is a lot to this amp and it will be profiled extensively.

Quick test of the channel 2 power amp pushed to the max:

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