New – Prince of 69 + Mod


Top of the heap profiles for your Kemper, these are amazing!



NOTE: You must have profiler OS 7 or later installed to load these.

Seeking to recreate the sound of a 1969 Fender Princeton combo through many cabinets, speakers and microphones.

After shooting the first batch of profiles of this amp we had it modded and it turned into something quite a bit different. We added a Marshall style cold clipping gain stage with 3 way selectable gain, a master volume, mid control (that defeats the EQ at max!), resonance and variable negative feedback.

The volume and master act as two separate gains now and it slams the dual 6v6 power section.

Profiling is an art and it is our goal to bring the essence of each amp to you.

V1 includes 46 studio profile shot before the mod and 41 profiles shot after. Speakers used are Alnico Cream, Lynchback, M75, Redback, V30, Black Shadow, Black Bird, Alnico Blue and Mojo Tone. Mics used are M160, SM57, E906, Fat Head II, R121, 545 and MD421 II.

Here is a pre mod mix clip that also uses our Traced Bass pack along with the Acoustic Dream on the acoustic part.

Guitar only test:

And just to show how much gain this is capable of now here is a heavy clip boosted:

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