New: Powercab IR Pack V4 Update!

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Simply great IRs.



While these IRs are enhanced using the Powercab monitor they are simply amazing for most IR needs. They can be used with most hardware/software that has the ability to load IRs such as the Line 6 Helix, Fractal Audio Axe FX line, Moore Radar and Atomic Amplifire line.

To show how well these IRs record please see the clips below. The clips are user clips.

This pack will expand over time with many speakers and is aimed at enhancing the Powercab experience with little effort. Updates are a free download addon.

Currently pack includes IRs seeking to recreate the sound of:

Jensen C12k – 1
Mesa V30 Traditional 4×12 – 2
Celestion Alnico Cream in a 1×12 open back cabinet – 1
Celestion EVH 20 watt Greenback in a 1×12 open back cabinet – 2
Celestion Redback in a Mesa 1×12 closed back cabinet – 2
Celestion G12M-65 Creamback – 5

No need to sift through hundreds or thousands of IRs with this pack. Note all feedback is welcomed and taken into consideration when doing future updates.

A write up and some good info about these can be found on TheGearPage by clicking here.

A little more info can be found on TheGearPage by clicking here.

M65CB 1PC5 Sample:

M65CB 1PC2 Sample:

C12k on clean and Red on gain tones:

Alnico Cream used here:

V30 1PC sample:

Hard rock same using EVH and Red:

After purchasing updates will be announced here. You will be able to log into the site to download the additional files. All future speaker cabinet sets will include a Powercab specific IR that will be added to this pack.

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This pack is sold as a single user license. IRs are not to be sold or otherwise distributed without consent from Live Ready Sound.

Note: We take pride in all of our packs and provide updates free of charge as technique and technology develops. If you like what you hear we are sure you will check our other offerings and this is how we grow. Not at your expense. Any mention on Facebook or forums is always appreciated as this is the main way to spread the word.

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