New – Matchbox 30 V8

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Top of the heap profiles for your Kemper, these are amazing!

Serious great amp here!



Kemper profiles seeking to recreate the sound of a Matchless HC-30 head through many cabinets, mics, speakers and boost pedals using new and NOS tubes!

The holy grail of EL84 amps. Class A goodness. This is an amazing amp that took on the goal of making a better Vox AC30. The Matchless C-30 series of amps bring the preamp similar to both the AC15 and AC30 in one head. Oh, and you can jumper them! SO many tones in this amp, it can take you back to days of the old or reinvigorate the sounds of today. Truly legendary amp. While based on the Vox circuit, it really is a sound all it’s own.

H1 = Channel 1 top input
L1 = Channel 1 bottom input
H2 = Channel 2 top input
L2 = Channel 2 bottom input
JP = Jumped channel 1 and 2 with a mix of gain and EQ.

Presell V1 38 profiles using a V30 speaker with vintage RCA 12ax7 and EI Longplate in channel 1 and NOS Telefunken EF86 in channel 2. Currently has two NOS RCA 5V4G rectifiers installed for some sag.
V2 added 18 profiles using a V30 and H30 on low input channel 1 and 2.
V3 added 14 profiles using a H30 on channel 2 H and L.
V4 added 28 profiles using Creamback H75, Greenback H75, V30 and Greenback M25 speakers.
V5 added 24 profiles using a Diamond 4×12 with Greenback M25/H75 and V30. Most dual speaker dual mic with the stock EF86 and 5AR4 rectifier tube. Some slightly boosted with a Klone.
V6 added 74 profiles, 26 DA, 2 merged and 48 studio. Plus, two preset from Bill as used in this worship video below, note he uses external overdrive pedals also.
V7 added 29 profiles using an Alnico Cream speaker.
V8 added 18 Direct Amp profiles and 8 Studio profiles

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