JP BoogieMan Kemper Profiles Update V9




This pack is for the Kemper profiler and will not work with other devices.

42 rig starter pack.

38 rig update 1.
18 rig update 2 Using R121 and M160 microphones.
Just great 6 rig update 3!
Up 4 added 11 DA profiles!
Up 5 added 13 profiles!
Up 6 added 5 profiles inspired by Met@ll!c@’s Ride the Lighting album.
Up 7 added 21 profiles using a V30 and Alnico Gold. Some boosted. All channels.
Up 8 added 8 direct/merged/studio sets!
Up 9 added 24 studio profiles using a Mesa 4×12 with V30 mic’d with 545SD, MD421, 414XLS and R121 mics.

Many microphones, many cabinets, many speakers, many boosts. Many tones! Many more to come.

Seeking to recreate the sound of a Mesa Boogie JP2C amp through Mesa Traditional and OS cabinets.

Monster tone as always!

Nice little customer clip:

Profiles are sold as a single non transferable license for use by the original purchaser.

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