UPDATED – Impulse Response Sample Pack




Includes 1 composite IR from the MV30, A Typ and The Clean Bender IR packs.

UPDATE: Now includes Minimum Phase processed versions for greater compatibility with reverb and other Minimum Phase processed IRs. Also, the update includes shorter names for devices that have character limits when showing the IR name.

Included IRs:

LRS M2 ATyp SM7b Comp 04.wav
LRS MT V30 SM7b Comp 01.wav
LRS Old1 CTS SM7b Comp 01.wav

Microphones used for the Sample pack:


44.1K for use with Kemper CabMaker.
48K for use with Axe FX, Helix and Amplifire.
96K fof use with DAW based IR loaders at clocked at 96k.

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This pack is sold as a single user license. IRs are not to be sold or otherwise distributed without consent from Live Ready Sound.

All trademarks are the property of their owner and only used to described the equipment used or to decribe how to use the impulse responses.