NEW – God of War V12


Top of the heap profiles for your Kemper, these are amazing!

Serious great amp here!



Seeking to recreate the sound of a KSR Ares 50 amp using the actual head through Mesa Traditional 4×12 with a V30 and CL80 to start. Many, many more cabinet and speakers to come.

Microphones used so far: SM57, SM7b and MD421 II, some dual mic’d, some dual speaker.

Boosts used: Savage Drive, 33 and VOP9.

95 so far, 8 of which are Direct Amp.

Power tubes profiled so far, KT88, 6550 and 6L6. More to come.

This is a single channel amp for the most part. There is not a clean channel. There will be very little clean tones for this one, and the clean tones there are will need editing (or they simply are not good, don’t buy for the cleans.)

V1.1 added 4 profiles using a Mesa 2×12.
V1.2 added 4 profiles dual mic’d 421/57 using a Mesa 2×12.
V2 added 12 profiles using a Mesa 2×12 with V30/H30 and a Marshall 1961a with OLD GT75/V30. With 2 effect presets courtesy of Eltzejupp on the Kemper forum. Thanks Frank!
V3 added 11 profiles exploring the 1961a a bit more.
V4 added 10 profiles, a little experimenting with clean and more.
V5 added 8 profiles, Mid gain and clean. 1 clean effect preset from Frank!
V6 added 4 profiles using a Mesa OS with a Black Shadow C90 <— Sweet speaker!
V7 added 8 profiles using a Mesa OS with a BS C90 and V30.
V8 added 2 profiles created with a DI provided by Charlie Munro!
V9 added 4 profiles using a Diamond 4×12 with V30s.
V10 added 19 profiles some with an Anlico Gold some with a 2001 V30 some boosted some not using a 33 and Savage Drive.
V11 added 4 studio/direct/merged sets!
V12 added 3 merged, 3 direct and 37 studio using a Mesa 2×12 and a Marshall 4×12 with V30!

Click here for a great heavy clip utilizing this pack!

WARNING: This is fast and aggressive. God of War in action.

Who likes Lord of the Rings?

Quote from Mines of Mora’s BandCamp page:

Durin’s Bane is a track that is obviously from The Lord of The Rings: The fellowship of the ring. On this track we detail the misadventure the Fellowship has on their way through the Mines of Moria!

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