New – EL34 Blue Dream – Amazing Profiles Updated – V3


Top of the heap profiles for your Kemper, these are amazing!

Serious great amp here!



Seeking to recreate the sound of a Peavey Butcher MK2 100 watt head through many speaker and mic configurations.

Some of the equipment used:

V1 68 profiles using V30 and H30 speakers
V2 added 10 profiles dual mic’d with dual speakers. MD421 II on an Eminence Private Jack and a E609 on a Celestion G12M 65.
V3 added 17 profiles using a Mesa 4×12 with a V30, tube experimenting and using a 4tin Blade.

Looking past the horrible name of this amp we find what is one of Peavey’s absolute best amps.

A little history, the original Butcher by Peavey was a copy of a Marshall JCM800 running 6L6 power tubes made in the 1980’s. This amp has basically no similarity to 80’s Butcher other than it’s name.

Rumor has it that this amp was going to be Joe Satriani’s next signature amp until he was won over by a deal with Marshall. Rumor also has it that this was originally to be a 50 watt amp that was reworked to be 50/100 watts.

Regardless of the how this amp came to be it has shocked my from the moment I fired it up. It doesn’t sound like a Marshall but it does have a British flavor. Thick, punchy, articulate and pure tube tone. The amp has it’s own thing going on and it fits right up there with the best amps of all time.

Another clean clip:

This sample is a single profile with varying guitar volume knob level to show how they react.

Additional clips can be heard on the Kemper forum by clicking here.

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