New – 1995 MB Dual Rec Rev G V9 Liquid


Top of the heap profiles for your Kemper, these are amazing!

Serious great amp here!



Kemper profiles seeking to recreate the sound of a Mesa Dual Rectifier Rev G head through many cabinets, mics, speakers and boost pedals.

This is the quintessential Dual Rectifier from 1995. Boasting the original Schumacher transformers this is a bit smoother that the newer 3 channel Rectifiers. This is the Original Rectifier sound that defined the line.

V1 includes 23 profile using a Mesa Traditional 4×12 cabinet with V30s. Some boosted (33, Blade and Savage Drive) some not. Mics used are 421, SM57 and PR20. All using EL34 power.
V2 added 18 profiles using a Mesa Traditional 4×12 with V30 and V60s. 6L6 power. SM57, PR20 and E906 mics. Most are boosted.
V3 added 8 profiles.
V4 added 20 profiles. Some boosted some not Channel 2, Vintage and Clean. Clean surely isn’t only clean. Never heard a clean channel get this…well…aggressive.
V5 added 19 new profiles, some clean, some low gain, some single mic’d experimenting with different mics. Plus, 4 tweaked profiles by Frank.
V6 added 8 Direct Amp, 2 studio and 2 merged profiles.
V7 added 13 profiles included 2 DA, 2 Merged and 9 studio, 3 of which are experimental Metallica tone seeking based.
V8 added 7 studio and 1 merged/DA set.
V9 added 4 profiles using the liquid tone stack. These have only slight differences as they are aiming at the same tone. No boost just the raw amp for you to use like the real version.

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