New – Arc: Ruler of Amps – Updated V3.1

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Top of the heap profiles for your Kemper, these are amazing!

Serious great amp here!



Seeking to recreate the sound of a PRS Archon 100 head using the actual head through many speakers, cabinets and microphones.

64 Profiles in the initial release using many tubes, boosts, speakers, cabinets and microphones. Much more to come, also, if you like you can send me your guitars DI recording via SPDIF on the Kemper and I will use it to make future profiles. Note: By sending the DI you will be giving LRS permission to use the DI for demonstration purposes.
V2.1 added 9 clean profiles using the 1961a cabinet. There are also 9 clean that have phasing these may or may not be useful. You decide.
V3 added 8 DA profiles, 4 of the clean channel and 4 of the lead channel.
V3.1 added 2 DA profiles boosted with a VOP9 and OD9 Pro+

Let’s try this a little different way.

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