New – Acoustic Dream


Top of the heap profiles for your Kemper, these are amazing!



NOTE: You must have profiler OS 7 or later installed to load these.

This pack is made to assist with making piezo equipped solid body and acoustic guitars reach a better tone in both live and recording situation.

The variation in piezo systems is quite wide. We have studied many different guitars and piezo setups to come up with a variety of simulation.

As all guitars sound very different please do try all of the profiles to find the one that works best. EQ them as needed.

While the initial idea behind this pack was for piezo enhancement we also include some aimed to help with making a magnetic pickup more acoustic like for utility.

***Please note that comparing a room based profile directly to a preamp profile can cause perception changes that take a couple seconds to adjust to. This can happen with IRs also. It is a product of our ears binaural perception of room reflections.

The profiles are made purposely without a cab section.

V1 includes 30 profiles

Acoustic Legend

Acu=Acoustic guitar
Solid=Electric guitar solid body
Mag=Magnetic Pickup
RM=with room reflections
R1=with room reflections
BM=Preamp used of Fender Band Master
MB=Preamp used of a Mezzabarba Trinity
MR=Preamp used of a Morgan AC20
Mtch=Preamp used of a Matchless HC30
Sig6=Simga Acoustic 6 string for reference
LR Ant=LR Baggs Anthem piezo system
Taka6=Takamini 6 string acoustic reference
Yama ArtS12=Yamaha 12 string acoustic with Art piezo reference guitar
Gdin6=Godin 6 string solid body piezo reference guitar
JP6=Music Man JP6 solid body piezo reference guitar

Here is a room sim based clip:

This is from an acoustic with piezo using preamp profile only:

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Profiles are sold as a single non transferable license for use by the original purchaser.

Any trademarks are the property of their owners and we have no association with them. They are only stated to describe the equipment.