6160 Platinum Modded Updated: V5


Over 140 profiles with some additional bonus profiles.

26 Rig Update 2 added!

Very versatile pack!



Seeking to recreate the sound of the quintessential Peavey 5150 Block Letter Head Platinum Modded by Voodoo Amps.

See the specifics of the mod here:

Voodoo Amps 5150 Mods!

Caps, bias, tubes and burn in were done also.

This is no longer a one trick pony, it is pure tube awesomeness.

A small but meaningful update! Introducing the ACT Tone V01 – Pseudo Acoustic tone from your electric!
V5 add 9 profiles, dual mic’d, dual speaker and boosted. Most with 33!

80’s Power Ballad, bring the memories!

A note on effect settingsĀ used by the amazing Finn who recorded these clips:

Slot A; Compressor: Intensity: 2. Attack: 2.5, Squash: o.o, Mix: 85% and Volume: +1.0 Delay: Legacy Delay. Mix: 39% (varies), Note Value 1: 7/16, Note Value 2: 4/16, Feedback 26% (Varies), Bandwith: 1.3, Frequency: 2.5, Modulation: 1.2, Ducking 0.0 Reverb:; Mix: 33.2% (varies) , Del+Rev Balance: 0%, Time: 2.3 (varies), Damping: 5.8, Predelay: 81ms, Bandwith: 2.0, Frequency: -1.5, ducking: 0, Volume -1.1

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