New – V-60 4×12 Traditional IR Set Out Now


Another amazing set!



For use with Kemper Profiler (as a cab only, no amp section), Axe Fx, Axe Fx II, AX8, Amplifire, Helix, Headrush and any other software guitar amp modeler that allows IR loading, or with a standalone IR loader.

Take your tone to the next level!

Files provided in 44.1k 48k and 96k.

Seeking to recreate the sound of a Celestion V12-60 made specifically for Engl Amps in a Mesa Traditional 4×12 cabinet. Speaker is model T4772A.

Note: As there is an attempt to capture the whole speaker some IRs may be “bright”, while these may or may not be useful on their own they are great to add dimension to other IRs. Mixing IRs is a great way to find the exact tone you have in mind!

SM57 6 IRs
E609 8 IRs
PR20 4 IRs
SM7b 10 IRs
R121 9 IRs
M160 10 IRs
Composite 6 IRs
Mix Mic 12 IRs
New—-X-Files 5 IRs! Experimental IRs

Great video using one of the M160 IRs.

This patch can be purchased here for the Headrush Pedalboard:

A nice little mini review, be sure to check Scott’s site also:

And for a sound you may expect from this speaker:

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This pack is sold as a single user license. IRs are not to be sold or otherwise distributed without consent from Live Ready Sound.

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