New – IK Multimedia Tonex: Father of the 800

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Top of the heap captures for Tonex, these are amazing!



Tonex Capture Pack: LRS Father of the 800

22 captures based on a 1979 Marshall JMP 2204. Fully serviced and updated to be like new!

These amps have been used by musicians from all styles. This is an iconic amp for a reason. Use your guitar volume.

Just serviced. 7 of the captures are no cabinet, taken after the power amp for use with your favorite IR or with a real cabinet. Speaker used are Celestion V30 and G12H30 70th Anniversary. Microphones used are SM57, M160 and 545SD. The captures are made to be used with most interfaces instrument input set to 0. Starting there and adjusting the levels inside Tonex for more or less gain.

Check a pre service capture on here:

Once payment is processed and auto generated email will come with a link to the file. Unzip, open Tonex and go to the preset section, right click on any preset and choose import. This will import the preset and add the capture to your library.

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