Helix Preset and Cab Bundles by Marco Fanton


Introducing a cooperation of Live Ready Sound and Marco Fanton!

The perfect IRs matched with the perfect presets!

New MV30 IR with the R121 mic!

New ATyp preset, SMOOTH!

MV30 example, just amazing:

First bundle is the most amazing country sound heard from a digital device. Su Pro meets the Tele!

IR is from the ATyp pack.

Next up, Fawn LRS, IR from the MV30 pack:

Anyone say ORANGE? Using a MV30 IR.

And from our Jimi + H Artist pack comes:

These bundles can be purchased here:


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This pack is sold as a single user license. IRs are not to be sold or otherwise distributed without consent from Live Ready Sound.

All trademarks are the property of their owner and only used to described the equipment used or to describe how to use the impulse responses.